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Professional web design

For Professional web design that makes you stand out from the crowd Linkup Solutions offers everything you need in one place for an affordable price.

Affordable Web Development

Big or small, every business needs a website that builds confidence in your company and creates trust so your customers will make a purchase, use your services, or contact you for more information. A website gives your Company a 24/7 marketing and information tool to the world. Many small business owners looking to develop a website ask us the question, "What makes your company different?" "Why should I spend thousands instead of a couple hundred?" Remember you have just two seconds to communicate your message and gain the visitor’s trust. A professionally designed website will always perform beyond that of an amateur website and is your ticket to a worldwide presence. With critical security concerns today, it takes experience to know how to pass strict PCI standards to protect confidential information and how to prevent against hacking.

Linkup Solutions designs responsive websites using the Bootstrap template. As mobile and tablet traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace, the need to have a site optimized for these devices is a necessity. Whether you have an informational website or an eCommerce website, responsive design allows for your customers to easily view, navigate and ultimately purchase from your business online. With responsive design, the need for a separate mobile site and tablet optimized website is eliminated and your website will automatically "adapt" to the device it is being viewed on. This is done by coding the website in a way that it knows where to move certain elements, such as navigation, when the screen gets smaller or larger. You'll end up with a site that looks great on a mobile device, tablet, desktop computer and everything in between. Also retina displays on tablets, iPhones, and laptops require double pixel density photographs to be the most outstanding.

On April 21, 2015 Google announced it will no longer serve websites that are not responsive to mobile searches. This means if you aren't mobile-enabled, the penalty is your website won't be seen at all potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Check here to see what your customers see on a cell phone: Google Mobile-Friendly Test. You can also take the edge of your desktop browser window and make your screen smaller to see how the elements flow at different sizes.

We Offer You

Eye-Catching Images

Eye-Catching Images

You have just 2 seconds to capture a viewer's attention and build their trust or they are on to the next site and you've lost a customer.

Consistent Branding

Consistent Branding

Website design must reflect the personality, values and nature of your company by having a consistent brand, message, graphics, and logo.

Great User Experience

Great User Experience

To succeed a website must have clear navigation, understandable call to action, accurate information, and easy way to contact.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Friendly

If search engine robots can't find you, real-life people cannot either. Your site must match the expectation of searches and keywords.

What you need to be successful:

Professional site essentials:
★ Easy Navigation
★ Clear Product presentation
★ Unique Graphics
★ Fast Contact Information
★ Easy Navigation between Pages
★ Clean Coding that is Search Engine Friendly
★ Consistent Fonts, Graphics, and Themes

Additional Services:

Putting it all together:
★ PDF Form and Print Design creation
★ PCI and PADSS Security Compliance
★ Search Engine Optimization
★ Regular Web Updating Services
★ Joomla Design and Bootstrap Templates
★ Website Ads, Banners and Promotions
★ Integration with Social Media